100 thousand defrauded shareholders will appear before the end of the year


100 thousand defrauded shareholders will appear before the end of the year Such a sad forecast was recently shared by the Rating Agency of the construction complex. This will happen if the ban on carrying out construction works, introduced on 13 December, continues to apply. April. Real estate developers, like many other sectors of the economy, have been hit by a vicious cycle of falling prices and high risks of losing money. This is all about the "consumer price index" (CPI) and the so-called "mortgage rate". This is the total loss of income (as well as the income from which was required to pay for the loan). the mortgage). It is this "indexation" of the construction industry by the state and the appeal of the appeal of the "defrauded shareholders" will end with the year 2020. This will happen, as they always do, with a vengeance. The coronavirus epidemic has come to us not only in the medical and experimental sense, but also as a threat to the builders and realtors of housing. This is a problem for all of us, because no one is immune from problems in the housing market. This applies not only to the fact that the population is forced to stay at home, but also to problems in the "private sector" - that is, to problems in the construction and loan servicing industries. The negative impact of the crisis on housing is enormous and will not be fully felt until the fall. Until then, you should not buy new housing, even if it is looking very grim. Housing has always been a "black horse" for housing developers and for owners of real estate. Yes, the market is extremely unstable and extremely misleading. But then there is such a "crazy" externality, because no one is immune from problems in this business. In the current situation, only one positive factor emerges — the beginning of construction work and the beginning of normal business activity. Here's what this means for each of us: 1) a Resurrection of the housing market is inevitable. It is not a question of if it will be rebuilt, but when. 2) you will be able to Buy some of your apartments at lower prices. 3) there will be an even greater demand for apartment rentals. 4) People will spend more of their income to buy housing and to rent it out.5) People will buy even more apartments (and even more apartments at the same price).6) there will be a Need for temporary housing. 7) People will no longer be afraid to leave their homes. Because they will begin to renovate them, which will reduce the risk of losing money.8) the Window is closing. And the developers will be in a better position to sell their properties at a significantly lower price than